Digital Performance Marketing

I’m Chris Rawluk,
President of showtheplanet inc.

I do online performance marketing and web publishing. Through my portfolio of company-owned websites I help companies sell more online and offline. My targeted digital campaigns and purpose-built websites work in tandem to send high-intent consumer leads into your sales funnel.

What is Performance Marketing?

With online marketing it is possible to measure whether specific marketing efforts are paying off with a high degree of accuracy. Performance marketing includes the verifiable actions that bring in potential clients. This can include: Sales leads, inbound phone calls, qualified web traffic and direct online sales. We work with our clients and partners to determine the best approach to marketing their product or service and only get paid for what we produce.

How Does it Work?

Every online marketing effort requires ongoing investment in terms of development, campaign management and data analysis. In general these efforts fall into one of three main categories:

I don’t work in every niche, but if your product or service looks like a good fit with my skills and experience then I’ll invest in the marketing and development required to make it work. In some cases, the groundwork may have already been laid in terms of existing websites and consumer traffic. This generally means that I can hit the ground running and get your campaigns underway with a minimal investment. At other times, a fair bit of time and development is required. Either way, if we work togther I’ll take on the risk of producing results.

About first went online in April of 2000 as an e-commerce resource and directory. The promotion of that site led to a full-time career in web development and marketing that took me around the US and eventually back home to Canada where I currently operate.

Over the years I’ve worked with clients and partners from across the globe and tried nearly every online marketing method available. I continuously experiment with new and current methodologies and have developed a skill set that can only be had with time and experience. I’ve learned to optimize ad campaigns, spot fraud, and create landing pages that maximize conversion rates and generate sales.

Contact me by email or social media using the links below.

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